Suspension Mechanical

Complete suspension and sublet repair services while you’re waiting for other major collision parts.

 Save time, money and hassle by having all of your sublet repair work completed by one trusted vendor.

Precision Diagnostics is the ONLY one-source, full-service collision sublet repair provider. 

Eliminate the delays and frustrations caused by multi-vendor repair services.

We understand that you’re more profitable when your technicians aren’t distracted with mechanical repairs in shop. Let our certified techs take on mechanical repairs so you can stop wasting production time. 

  • Complete alignment and suspension work with calibration and other sublet services to save you time and money. 
  • Diagnose suspension and source parts so you can focus on collision repairs. 
  • In some cases, complete suspension and alignment work before the collision repair.
Alignment Repair

suspension mechanical services

Complete suspension and sublet repair services all in one visit (typically within 24 hours)!


Our service centers are equipped with Hunter Hawkeye Elite Alignment systems, the most advanced wheel alignment system available. Hunter has the ability to perform alignments on all vehicles (including European), a patented Codelink electronic steering system reset tool, and interface capability to our ADAS calibration frames allowing us the capability to perform alignments and ADAS calibrations in one visit.

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Precision Diagnostics Alignments
Precision Diagnostics Suspension Services

All Suspension-Related Service

We are trained and equipped to cover every aspect of collision related suspension diagnostics and service, making us a complete one-stop sublet partner.

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Brake Work & System Bleeding

From loss-related brake work to upsell services, our mechanical technicians are experts in brake repairs and ADAS calibrations related to braking functions.

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Precision Diagnostics Brake Work & Bleeding
Precision Diagnostics Cooling System Service

Cooling System Service

Precision Diagnostics offers comprehensive services on all aspects of a vehicle cooling system diagnostics and repairs.

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Engine Removal & Installation

Let your technicians focus on structural repairs, and save space on your production floor by entrusting our expert team with engine and drivetrain removals and replacements. 

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Precision Diagnostics Engine Repair & Replacement
Precision Diagnostics Fluid Changes

Fluid Changes

We’ve invested in training and equipment to perform closed fluid system services, done to OE specs with documented data points so you can eliminate dealer delay and properly manage sublet costs.

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Hybrid System Service

Our specially trained technicians in hybrid automotive systems can perform services on all fluid and cooling systems, electrical and battery systems and offer diagnostics support.

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Precision Diagnostic Hybrid System Service
Precision Diagnostics Suspension Leveling Calibration

Suspension Leveling Calibration

Complete all levels of suspension calibration on air, nitrogen and fluid-based systems, pressurization, and system diagnostics to restore suspension and ride control.

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Transmission-Related Services

Trust our driveline experts to handle replacement and diagnosis of transmission, transfer, case, CV and any other drivetrain related issues.

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Precision Diagnostics Transmission Repair & Replacement

Precision Diagnostics is a welcomed addition to our market for sublet collision vendor services. In the addition to what they offer, they have the convenience of handling transportation for our vehicles, which is a great cost savings and time saver!

– Jason Cox, Caliber

All-In-One Suite of Services

We are the full-service, trusted advisor in collision calibration services. Unlike most sublet shops, we can take care of all the repair services you need in ONE visit, fast!

ADAS Related


Non-Suspension Services

3M Paint
Protection Film

Pick-up & Delivery

Mobile  (on-site) Services

Everything you need to know about adas

Your job just got easier! Download the ultimate ADAS guide to help you improve efficiency and cycle times by arming you with the knowledge of:

  • ADAS Basics so you're prepared to make fast sublet repair decisions.
  • What you need to consider when ADAS is involved.
  • A resource that can answer questions and complete multiple sublet repairs in one visit, fast!

Stop Stressing! Leave your collision sublet repair to the experts!