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ADAS Calibration made quick and easy.

 ADAS calibration made easy, with pick up and delivery, multi-service sublet repairs in one visit and a typical 24-hour turnaround.

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Collision sublet service doesn’t mean having to sacrifice cycle time. Enjoy ADAS resolution across all vehicle manufacturers with a focus on cycle times. Plus.. we handle pick up and delivery.

ADAS Calibration

We are Wisconsin’s only complete ADAS calibration source. We provide both mobile and full-service ADAS calibrations at our state-of-the art service center in Madison and Milwaukee. We calibrate all OEM systems, every make and model, with the latest Autel and OEM technology, and provide verification reporting.

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Precision Diagnostics ADAS Calibrations
Precision Diagnostics Module Replacement & Repair

Module Programming & Replacements

Module-related MILs and DTCs, performance issues, system communication and compatibility gaps are all common to sublet repairs. When module replacements are necessary, you can ensure that costly programming and additional diagnostics won’t be part of the bill. Our expert technicians paired with best-in-class technology and all major OEM software makes sure that module replacements and issues are non-issues.

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Vehicle technology has changed the landscape of collision repair and repairability decisions. Virtually any vehicle on the shop floor is a likely candidate for scans. Scans show a clear ‘state of health’ before, during, and after repairs as well as validation of the calibration accuracy. We provide detailed scan reports with advice on non-related DTC/MIL prompts and validation that related systems are functioning to OE specifications.

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Precision Diagnostics ADAS Scans
Precision Diagnostics ADAS System Diagnostics

System Diagnostics

The complexity of automotive systems present cycle time and efficiency challenges. Our team provides a thorough system diagnosis, troubleshooting, and recommendations to create a proactive repair plan.

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Windshield ADAS Calibration

Whether you’re a collision repair shop or a glass installation company, let us take the worry out of windshield ADAS calibration. Most windshield replacements, removals or installations will require ADAS calibration. Camera systems even slightly out of spec can cause ADAS errors or disastrous customer results. That’s why we operate with the most advanced mobile calibration frames, targeting systems AND transport vehicles to facilitate movement to our calibration facilities when necessary.

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Precision Diagnostics Windshield ADAS Calibration

Precision Diagnostics makes our repair process smoother and helps cut down our cycle time. Not only do they have a wide range of services but they pickup and deliver. The staff is friendly and always there to help, above and beyond is an understatement!

– Nick Gagner, Gerber

All-In-One Suite of Services

We are the full-service, trusted advisor in collision calibration services. Unlike most sublet shops, we can take care of all the repair services you need in ONE visit, fast!

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3M Paint
Protection Film

Pick-up & Delivery

Mobile  (on-site) Services

Everything you need to know about adas

Your job just got easier! Download the ultimate ADAS guide to help you improve efficiency and cycle times by arming you with the knowledge of:

  • ADAS Basics so you're prepared to make fast sublet repair decisions.
  • What you need to consider when ADAS is involved.
  • A resource that can answer questions and complete multiple sublet repairs in one visit, fast!

Stop Stressing! Leave your collision sublet repair to the experts!