Non-Suspension Mechanical

Complete mechanical services to save you time & money.

Eliminate the frustrations of managing multiple sublet vendors and complex post-collision services.

Precision Diagnostics Wire Harness Repair & Replacement

Let us handle all your sublet repairs in one visit (and we pick up and deliver) so you can focus on running your business.

  • All sublet services under one roof
  • Service level urgency to improve cycle times
  • Improved insurance partner KPIs
  • Better margin control

Non-Suspension Mechanical Services

Avoid multiple sublet vendors, we can take care of your mechanical repairs too!

Refrigerant Services

Our service centers and mobile fleet are outfitted with state-of-the-art equipment to provide every refrigerant need from basic recovery and recharge to complete system diagnostic and repair.

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Precision Diagnostics Refrigeration Services
Precision Diagnostics Connector Repair & Replacement

Connector Replacement

Maintain control of cycle times by replacing connectors when available as an acceptable practice. Submit images online and we’ll assist you through the process, or we’ll come to you to diagnose availability and provide OE recommendations. We’re able to install at your shop with necessary looming, weather barriers, support clip(s), and verification of full functionality.

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Interior Component Replacement

Keep your production floor moving and let our skilled, ICAR technicians handle the complexities of restraint systems, removals and replacements. While keeping your technicians efficient and able to focus on actual body damage.   

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Precision Diagnostics Interior Component Replacements
Precision Diagnostics Immobilizer & Key Programming

Immobilizer & Key Programming

Don’t let electronic key fob and anti-theft immobilizer programming delay your repair. We’ll bring the programming to you and can perform most services on site to save you time (no more waiting on dealer service departments) and the expense of transportation.  We equip every location with the most advanced Autel IM608 programming tool to resolve virtually every late model immobilizer and key programming function seamlessly.

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SRS Component Replacement & Repair

SRS component access and diagnostic labor can create a significant bottleneck in the collision shop production cycle. Our technicians are trained and continually educated on these ever-changing complex systems to provide expert diagnosis and service across all OEM platforms. All SRS service includes verification of system function and a detailed explanation of repairs.

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Precision Diagnostics SRS Component Repair & Replacement
Precision Diagnostics Tire Mount & Balancing

Tire Mount & Balance

As wheel size continues to increase and tire profiles adapt to the demand for better performance, the equipment required to address OE specs must adapt as well. Precision Diagnostics centers are equipped with the most advanced technology on the market, including the Hunter T34S and Hunter Road Force.

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TPMS Programming & Replacement

Our technicians are equipped with the most advanced TPMS technology available for TPMS sensor replacement, programming or a simple health check. Programming and system re-learns are easily done in minutes and sensor IDs can be copied and transferred or freshly created.

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Precision Diagnostics TPMS Programming & Repair
Precision Diagnostics Wire Harness Repair & Replacement

Wire Harness Repair & Replacement

So often, a heavily damaged wire harness determines repairability decisions on otherwise easily repairable vehicles. Harness costs, vaguely published labor times, and delays waiting for parts or a local service install often kills margin. We diagnose harness damage using relevant OE statements, ICAR documentation and an array of technical resources to determine cost-effective repair solutions. In the event that a harness needs to be replaced, our expert technicians install, test and restore electrical system integrity across every vehicle make and model.

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It has been a great experience working with them to handle what used to be “dealer only issues” for ADAS, alignments, mechanical, and electrical issues. They have a great team delivering quality results, every time!

– Jason Cox, Caliber

All-In-One Suite of Services

We are the full-service, trusted advisor in collision calibration services. Unlike most sublet shops, we can take care of all the repair services you need in ONE visit, fast!

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Non-Suspension Services

3M Paint
Protection Film

Pick-up & Delivery

Mobile  (on-site) Services

Everything you need to know about adas

Your job just got easier! Download the ultimate ADAS guide to help you improve efficiency and cycle times by arming you with the knowledge of:

  • ADAS Basics so you're prepared to make fast sublet repair decisions.
  • What you need to consider when ADAS is involved.
  • A resource that can answer questions and complete multiple sublet repairs in one visit, fast!

Stop Stressing! Leave your collision sublet repair to the experts!