Sep 29, 2020

For many collision operators, the term “mobile sublet” carries with it visions of being at the mercy of a technician in a van with limited problem solving abilities and a schedule that is less than accommodating. Our mobile operations were designed by people from the collision industry that understand the collision industry.

We see service requests as a call to action to partner with our customers to not only resolve their sublet issues but to improve cycle time and become a production extension of the repair shop. If the complexity, the length of resolution, or the OEM requirement to solve the repair correctly will hinder the production efficiency of your valuable stall space, we will transport the vehicle back to one of our service centers via flatbed and still meet or exceed your cycle time targets.

Precision partners can relax knowing that we have the sublet covered across all aspects of your collision sublet needs.

Stop Stressing! Leave your collision sublet repair to the experts!