The benefits of having a strategic alliance with an Industry-Leading ADAS and sublet resolution source may be more important than you think.

Precision Diagnostics was built from the ground up with partnerships as a key component to establishing our focus and long-term goals. Our background includes several years working in the auto body repair and insurance worlds and understanding the key needs and discriminating factors for both. 

Precision Diagnostics was created to provide not only seamless sublet resolution for ADAS and other common collision-related sublet issues but also to improve the overall workflow and cost-effectiveness for the insurance partner involved in the claim.

We understand that the advancing technological systems in vehicles coupled with rising rental car costs, educational gaps tied to vehicle systems, and current supply chain issues are major drivers of total claim cost.

  • Brief overview of Precision Diagnostics

    • Headquartered in Madison WI

    • Currently servicing the states of WI, IL, Iowa, Nebraska, and Greater St. Louis

    • We provide both mobile and calibration center service offerings

    • Ownership and leadership team comprised of decades of industry-related experience (both collision and insurance physical damage expertise)

  • What we do

    • All advanced driver assistance system (ADAS) calibration, targeting, and programming

    • Module programming and performance validation

    • Wire harness repair and connector replacement

    • 1234YF refrigerant system services

    • Mechanical services (specific markets)

    • Key programming and immobilizer services

  • What makes us different from other “similar” offerings

    • Our primary mission is to provide all parties with an OEM correct repair and proof of system performance. We believe that this is critical to not just the collision repair shop, but also the insurance partner and most importantly, the vehicle owner.

    • We do not ask for repairers to sign contracts or meet minimum cost thresholds.

    • We provide current OEM service information (at no fee) with all service requests and include this information in our invoicing to provide a supportive foundation for services provided.

    • We are intentional about helping to provide educational resources to both the collision repairer and the insurance claims team.

    • The emergence of ADAS has created an environment of vendors looking to capitalize on what they perceive as a financial opportunity. We believe that it is in everyone’s best interest to establish fair and reasonable service pricing that is supported by OEM service information and vehicle manufacturer resources.

    • We provide multiple solutions for calibrations, programming, and scanning to meet all requirements of both OEM certified repair shops and non- OE certified shops.

    • We can service any make or model vehicle with OEM service interfaces and tooling.

  • How we can help you    

    • We will work with your claims staff to calibrate market pricing structures that are easy to follow for program shops and non- program shops which could reduce supplements, improve estimate lock times, and improve overall severity.

    • We focus specifically on business-to-business repair solutions for the collision repairer, this allows us to expedite service levels and improve cycle time.

    • Improved cycle time ideally should improve overall customer experience aiding in better survey metrics for the insurance carrier and the repairer.

    • Improved cycle time will reduce overall claim cost when compared against common delays by dealers and other vendors by shortening length of rental and overall rental cost.

    • We will custom tailor an educational awareness program for key team members to provide varying levels of ADAS and vehicle systems knowledge at no charge. We believe that the educational gap in the industry needs to be met for the best practical solutions related to correct ADAS service.

    • We understand that as a vendor we may not be exclusive, we are not seeking that level of complexity; we would simply like to help bring consistency to the marketplace and provide a simple path of resolution for both the insurance partner and the repair facility

Improved efficiency and cost containment through common pricing menus, educational awareness, supporting documentation, and a heavy focus on the collision repairer/insurance partner performance metrics take every aspect of the repair process including the customer experience to a higher level of excellence.