3M Paint Protection Service

Convenient PPF completed with sublet repairs at the same location.

Sublet Repair Just Got Easier!

Gone are the days of scheduling and transporting a vehicle to the dealership for the last step in collision repair… Paint Protection.
  • Mobile service available.
  • Limitless vehicle coverage with 3M products and software. 
  • Priority service for collision customers.

Enjoy the ease of having the last step in collision repair, paint film protection, handled during the same service window as the rest of your sublet repairs at the same convenient location.

3M Paint Protection film service

3M Paint Protection Film

There are only a handful of vendors offering paint protection film. Additionally, since paint protection is a common dealer service, collision shops often find themselves mixed in priority with retail customers making turn-around time and scheduling a challenge. We understand how critical cycle time and insurance partner performance is, which is why we’ve included paint protection film into our service offerings.

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Precision Diagnostics 3M Paint Protection Film

“Great customer service from the office to the technicians. Their service is reliable and quick.

– Aaron Hesgard, Hesgard Collision Center

All-In-One Suite of Services

We are the full-service, trusted advisor in collision calibration services. Unlike most sublet shops, we can take care of all the repair services you need in ONE visit, fast!

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Everything you need to know about adas

Your job just got easier! Download the ultimate ADAS guide to help you improve efficiency and cycle times by arming you with the knowledge of:

  • ADAS Basics so you're prepared to make fast sublet repair decisions.
  • What you need to consider when ADAS is involved.
  • A resource that can answer questions and complete multiple sublet repairs in one visit, fast!

Stop Stressing! Leave your collision sublet repair to the experts!